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MACHINE Putters by Dogleg Right. Designed by Dave Billings

MACHINE M2A Converter Putters were created to improve upon a classic, traditional design, with new performance engineering and also add ever more options for shape, alignment, weight and never before seen levels of customization and user-adjustment. Do you like traditional blade shape, but a longer sightline? The M2A Converter with Tongue-back flange may be just the ticket. Not sure if you want to putt with a Blade or Mallet? Now you can have either, or both, in the same putter! Mix and match materials, add width with a spacer, or add weight perfect for a Belly or even long putter.


The Machine Putters ecommerce site is intended to help Golfers see and identify the build options they want and to understand how changes can benefit their putting and their game.


At this time the most popular model, the Machine M2A is available via this web site, with its options and specific custom built options available via this web site.


Machine putters are built to your specifications, If you do not see what you want or have specific finishes and specifications in mind, please call or write for a custom quote.


For more information about the full line of Machine Putters and DLR please see