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Build your Custom MACHINE Putter

Welcome to the MACHINE Custom Putter Online Builder.
You can now build your own custom putter exactly the way
you want it! Choose your head style and shape, neck style
and a wide range of specifications, customization and
personalization choices.

Choose Your Head Style
We are currently offering several MACHINE models for the custom Online Builder, which allows you to choose your head, neck (also known as a hosel) and flange options to optimize the shape, look and weight and balance characteristics that best suit your tastes and needs.

Choose Your Neck / Hosel
Once your head is selected, you can then choose your neck style that best suits your stroke and your eye. Necks determine the orientation of the shaft to the head, from more heel shafted with “toe down” characteristics to face balanced setups, and other options for offset and look at address.

Choose Your Back Flange
Once your head and neck is selected, you can then choose your back flange that best suits your eye and need for more blade like, more mallet like, or something in between.

To begin creating your putter, start Here and then select your components along the left side menu

You can also go back by deleting either option to see all available options in each subset.

More Info
For more information and more photos of custom putters we have made and that can be custom ordered, go Here.